The name of the italian project symbolically refers to its founder’s hair, which is white since his very young age. Vittorio Bianchi (the surname also means “white”) is actually lost in black music legacy, bringing acid jazz, jazz funk and soul music on stage for many years.

The sound of Lostinwhite is certainly related to the acid jazz movement of the nineties. Arrangements are rich of “real” instruments, privileging the Fender Rhodes over other kinds of keyboards, often using brass sections to interact with the rhythmic section formed by drums, bass and electric guitar.

Coming across “America” (stage name for Sofia Anessi), the current young vocal leader of the group, was an important turning point for Lostinwhite, who found a fresh and sensitive performer in her.

At the end of 2019 our publisher (Victoria Records) brought the group to sign with the grooviest Italian label, IRMA RECORDS, which is very well known across and outside Europe. Lostinwhite have released three single with IRMA RECORDS: DO IT, THE WEEK and FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE. A new album (UNSTABLE) is ready, and we are waiting for the live activity to restart before releasing it.

© 2021 Lostinwhite
© 2021 Lostinwhite

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